My Test Gear

Not sure if anyone would even care…leave a comment if you are interested in more detail – if enough people care I will do something better.

Agilent6612BSingle output programmable DC bench power supply
Agilent6612CSingle output programmable DC bench power supply
AgilentU1732CA hand held LCR meter, a must have bit of gear when working with inductors
AgilentE3631AI have two of these, Tripple output programmable DC bench power supply, they are the best and most versatile general purpose bench supply I have, they are my go-to PSU, and I use them all the time.

AgilentE3634ASingle output 0-50v 200W high power programmable DC bench power supply, when a couple of amps is not enough.

AgilentE3646ADual output high power programmable DC bench power supply

AgilentE3640ASingle output programmable DC bench power supply – brand new and boxed, don’t really have a need for it right now
AgilentMSO-X-3024AMixed signal 4 analog, 16 digital 200Mhz Digital Oscilloscope with UART/RS232, I2C and SPI Serial Decode, Wavegen, DVM options installed.
Fluke87VI have two of these and I use them all the time
Fluke289I have two of these and I use them fairly frequently
Hewlett Packard34401AThis is a mains powered bench meter, I use this most often for accuracy, its my reference meter and I tend have it hooked up to a computer to collect data from things I have under test
Hewlett Packard33120AFunction/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Hewlett Packard53131A225Mhz Frequency Counter.

Hewlett Packard339ADistortion Measurement/Analyser, really ace for spec’ing out audio circuits distortion characteristics
Keithley2015 THDBench Multi Meter with Distortion Analyser, really fast and accurate meter, I think I prefer this to the HP 34401A

Keithley21105.5 Digit Bench Multi Meter

MaynuoM9711Programmable 150W DC Electronic Load

Racal Dana19992.6Ghz Frequency Counter, old 80’s gear but very good piece of kit

Tektronix2445A150Mhz 4 Channel Oscilloscope, sometimes the digital scopes just don’t cut it

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4 thoughts on “My Test Gear

  1. Gerry,

    Bap8guy ?? , if yes i ended up at the good person i was searching.

    I saw you have done several fluke 1900a ‘s ………………well ,

    Mine died already some years ago and i would ask you if you could give me some advice to start its repair.
    Right now it is having a filckering display , and the chk will fail ( so no 10.000 )

    can you assist ??


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